An Inquiry

Phila Mfundo Msimang



New Writers imprint
The Natal Society Foundation.

 "As someone who works with words I found the book stimulating, provocative, and enlightening." 
~ Stephen Coan, The Witness, p. 9 "Inside Story" review, 19 September 2011


The author’s interest in the philosophy of communication started while he was still at school. He had become increasingly aware that many problems in society stem from poor communication. During several years of intensive investigation, made possible by the vast resources of digitized academic books and research papers available through the internet, he began formulating his own ideas and conclusions. They resulted in the present book which he began writing shortly after turning 18. Analytic Aesthetics discusses the philosophy of communication, in particular the theory of context, using poetry and a word picture to illustrate aspects of how communication works.


“Whatever we conceptualise is philosophy and however it is expressed is an art. The purpose of this book is to introduce a familiar subject in a different light; primarily to show that all is of philosophy, and that no part of our lives can be divorced from it. It is for this reason that part of my life is also found here. But the book is not about my life, it is about philosophy; in particular, the underlying principles of communication.”
~  Phila Mfundo Msimang


Phila Msimang

The author, Phila Mfundo Msimang, 19, is the first author in our New Writers imprint for young,
previously unpublished, non-fiction researchers and writers. 
He insists that he is a disquisitionist (one who inquires) rather than a philosopher.



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  16 August 2011
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