The history of a South African University

Volume 2
Natal University College (1949 to 1976)

Prof. Bill Guest

Dust jacket front cover illustrations based on a photograph of Howard College campus in the archives of the Universityf KwaZulu-Natal and a photograph of Old Main Building, Pietermaritzburg campus, taken by Jack Frost in 1955.


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The Natal Society Foundation.

This is the second of a three-volume history by Bill Guest of a major South African university founded as the Natal University College in Pietermaritzburg in 1909. Despite trying conditions, including two world wars, the university expanded, developed a second campus (Howard College) in Durban and became the University of Natal in 1949.

The first volume covered the history of Natal University College from 1909 to 1949.

This volume covers the years 1949 to 1976 during which the university continued to develop as a dual-centred institution while struggling to maintain its autonomy.
This included control of a new third campus, a blacks-only medical school, in the face of interference from the apartheid government.
The administrative centre of gravity shifted inexorably towards Durban as student enrolments and course options increased in the larger city.

In addition to other sources the author draws extensively on the university archives of publications, reports, documents, reminiscences and
minutes of meetings, recalling both the serious as well as the lighter side of campus life.

Volume three
will focus on the tumultuous years from 1977 to 2003 in which many of the university’s staff and students became embroiled in the resistance to apartheid and then engaged with the consequences once the country had achieved political freedom in 1994.
Some contributed to the formulation of national government policies for the new South Africa and in the restructuring of the university as it became completely desegregated and coped with financial constraints.

Photograph by Cynthia Guest

W.R. (Bill) Guest is a professor emeritus and senior research associate in Historical Studies on the Pietermaritzburg campus of the University of KwaZulu- Natal.
A doctoral graduate of the Howard College (Durban) campus of the former University of Natal, he has published a variety of articles and has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited more than a dozen books on South African history, focusing primarily on the socio-economic and institutional history of the Natal-Zululand region.
In 2013 he won an Amafa AKwazulu-Natali Award in recognition of his contribution towards heritage conservation in the province.

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  T.B. (Jack) Frost (1955: Oribi pool party, p. 138).
All other photographs: courtesy of UKZN Archives and Killie Campbell Museum Library
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