A Fine Band of Farmers Are We!

A History of Agricultural Studies in Pietermaritzburg


Bill Guest

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The Natal Society Foundation.


This history of agricultural studies in KwaZulu-Natal over a period of 75 years, from 1934 to 2009, gives a detailed overview of the establishment of formal agricultural studies in the province and focuses on the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  Alumni of “AgFac”, as it was affectionately known, have made their mark in agricultural research not only in South Africa but also internationally.

Today the School of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness, which replaced the old “AgFac”, has extended into the sociological and ecological significance of agriculture for the continent as a whole through its African Centre for Food Security (ACFS), and the African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI). Much attention is also being paid to the improvement and popularization of traditionally useful food and craft plants indigenous to Africa. 

“Bill Guest’s scholarly research confirms that the original AgFac model, and its new millennium successor have much to be proud of ... ”
~ Nigel Wolstenholme, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Agriculture, UKZN


Prof Bill Guest

The author, W.R. (Bill) Guest, is a Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Associate in Historical Studies on the Pietermaritzburg campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He has authored, co-authored and co-edited ten books on South African history, focusing primarily on the Natal-Zululand region.


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  20 October 2010
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